About Us

Coffee syrup means different things to different people.

To some it's the flavored stuff that that goes into their coffee to give it that vanilla caramel taste. To others it's the delicious sugary syrup that tastes like coffee and is best paired with ice cold milk.

Our mom (say hi mom!) has been making coffee syrup for our family since the '80s. You see, we lived on coffee syrup. It was a staple at every breakfast and night snack session. One day mom's favorite coffee syrup maker went out of business. She tried all of the brands, but they couldn't compare to the hometown syrup we had grown up with.

Like most moms, she took matters into her own hands. She started testing small batch recipes before hitting the right combination of coffee, water, and sugar. Since that day she's been brewing and bottling small batch coffee syrup for our family and close friends.

Thanks to the internet and modern technology we're able to share Brodeur's Batch with you.

Brewed and bottled in small batches in Acushnet, Massachusetts - Brodeur's Batch is our homage to a classic New England foodstaple.